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The greatest feeling after a presentation is when folks line up and wait to talk with me. They tell me how grateful they are, how seen and heard they feel, and how they wish they had a math teacher like me. I also wished the same and so I set out to be the teacher I wish I had.

I've met incredible teachers along the way, who exude joy and passion. So I've included a gallery below to share some joyous moments. 


"You have opened our eyes to how we can bring equity and inclusion into math...Please have more sessions available. I would love to attend! Your work is appreciated and valued!"


-K12 District Program Specialist


"I am so grateful to Naehee for the books, lessons, and ideas shared in these workshops!!! I am also so appreciate of the community of educators that are being built through these workshops - it is heartening to see others doing the work in their classrooms across the state!"


-Classroom Teacher in Northern CA


"These workshops are a lifeline at a time when I am feeling discouraged and disheartened. They matter, this work matters, and you matter - as excellent facilitators who put in the work and time to make these spaces useful, effective, and valuable for all participants"


-teacher participant


"As educators, we are often in search of lessons that will make an impact on students that lasts after they have walked out the door. Naehee Kwun, along with Dr. Kyndall Brown, demonstrated that we can have hard conversations with students that deepen both their mathematical understanding, as well as their understanding of the world we live in, during their session, "Social Justice in a Virtual Environment: The Case for Reparations." 

-participant, teacher leader


"I loved all the sessions but especially Naehee’s math session was super helpful in terms of seeing how math can be used to think about advocacy...reminded me of the importance of taking action wherever we are & using our voices to advocate."

-professor at California State University, Long Beach


Naehee's attention to care and community building was evident in the student responses she shared with us, and the care she gave to answering our questions and concerns. I feel very fortunate to have learned so much from this session."

-teacher participant


"As a student, I always struggled with math because it was so divorced from any context that was familiar to me. This type of lesson would have engaged me much more." 

-history teacher


"I've learned a lot from Naehee not only as a teacher but also how to actually live as a person. Naehee brings the energy that I really love, straightforward but at the same time caring. "


- teacher candidate


"I feel energized to bring important questions to my class that will 1) make them want to find the answers and 2) see that math is a tool to help view the world and effect change....I am the dept chair and at our next meeting, I will share the article we read and discuss how and why we can/should build relevant social justice lessons into our classes."


-K12 District Teacher and Dept Chair


"The presentation was both insightful and inspiring. First, Naehee and Kyndall opened my eyes to the inequities that persist today. But more important, they inspired me to use math to help students examine issues of social justice. It was amazing to see how their students responded to the lesson on reparations and their presentation serves as an example for what all math teachers can do to inspire their students."


Professor at California State University, Northridge


"Naehee Kwun was excellent. She engaged the audience and walked us through the data she made. She had us try it out and explained the importance of this. I am grateful for her presenting."



"I’m definitely going to figure out a way to use Naehee Kwun’s method of teaching math in my science classrooms. Teach about science while also including social Justice."

- science teacher


"Using math to understand the contexts we live in - inspired me to look into more local history I can share with students and use math to understand" 

-elementary teacher

Cultural Connections

"I love your cultural value questions. Thanks for reminding me to think about our students' diverse experiences." 

-history teacher


Looking forward to connecting with you. 
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